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Tech Time Record is a dedicated news portal which covers technical news on beats like data science, health, technology, mobile, medical innovation and Big Data. Meet our authors; we have given the contact details on this page, so that our visitors can contact them if they have some query. We have added this page to achieve accountability on all information published on our websites. Interested users may contact our authors regarding the news published on our site.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis is technical journalist with rich 6 years of experience in journalism field. Before joining 24 Blog News, John Lewis worked as a full time journalist in many media houses. He has more than 6 years’ experience in professional journalism. His experience includes reporting, publishing news and researched tech reports with media outlets. He is interested in writing news, technology, Science, Medical and business stories. He is has graduate degree in Journalism and mass communication.
    Email: john@24blognews.com
    Address: 1620 Park Street, Livermore, California (CA), USA
    Zip Code: 94550
    Phone: 925-449-9192
    Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann is full time journalist with nearly 7 years of experience is technical journalism. Louis Rossmann found the journalism as exciting field and joined the industry just after graduation. He is found of reporting and writing engaging stories. As a contributor to 24 Blog News, Louis mostly covers technical and science events.
    Email: louis@24blognews.com
    Address: 999 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA
    Zip Code: 07102
    Phone: 973-206-1212
    Maria Corder
    Maria Corder is full time author and journalist covering technical events. Maria has worked as a media professional for nearly a decade and has contributed to several large publications. Maria is interested in technical journalism and covers mobile, data science, finance etc… She worked for several large publications including the CNN News and the Tribune. As a founder and journalist for 24 Blog News, Amanda covers the latest happening in mobile, gadgets, technology and science.
    Mailing Address: 1546 Garrett Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
    Phone Number: 269-209-5040
    Email: maria@24blognews.com
    Walt Kelly
    Walt Kelly is the senior editor for 24 Blog News. Walt has been working as a media professional for nearly over a decade having published reports in many publications including the Yahoo News Sentinel and the Huffing Post. Walt is based in Miami and covers technology events. When he’s not on work, Walt enjoys playing cricket and badminton.
    Email: walt@24blognews.com
    Address: 2611 Warner Street, Miami, Florida, USA
    Zip Code: 33141
    Phone Number: 305-993-1915