Sony PS5 Access Controller to be launched globally on December 6

Sony announced the launch of the PS5 Access Controller in the global market on December 6 with the option to pre-order from July 21 for the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal markets. So, if you are in these countries you will be able to pre-order this device from July 21 and get this device first when it is launched.

According to the official post of the company, the PS5 Access Controller will be launched at the end of this year on December 6 globally. Customers of a few countries will be able to pre-order this device. With the pre-orders costumes will be able to get the PS5 Access Controller first at the time of launch of the device. Company still has not announced the pre-order option for the Indian market.

PS5 Access Controller is a powerful gaming device that comes with the powerful feature of playing games with high entertainment. The controller is specially designed for professional games and occasional gamers featuring many customizable options. PS5 Access Controller customization option includes swappable button caps, adjustable sticks, and a built-in headset jack. Such features make this device a powerful device for playing games.

Sony first announced the Access Controller at CES 2023 under the codename “Project Leonardo”.  Under this project the device was designed in collaboration with a number of organisations including AbleGamers Charity and the SpecialEffect charity.

This device also provides the gaming options for the people with disabilities and is tailored to cater their needs. This device will make it easier to play games and enjoy the gaming experience.

Price and availability

The Sony PS5 Access Controller is priced at $89.99 USD. This device will be available for purchase from the PlayStation Store and select retailers once launched. In a few countries pre-order will soon open.

PS5 Access Controller Features

This Access Controller is feature rich and comes with a variety of features which includes swappable button caps. Games will be able to make the buttons larger or smaller just by swapping it with the appropriate sized buttons. This feature is one of the best features of this Access Controller which will enhance the gaming experience of the gamers.

The Sony Access Controller button is well designed and caps Opens in a new window, which makes design very innovative. Users will be able to adjust the height and tension of the button. These features are really interesting and will be able to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

Using this device users will be able to pair up to two Access Controllers and one DualSense wireless controller together for better gaming experience. Such a setup can help gamers with disabilities.

In the PS5 Access Controller  there is a built-in headset jack which will make it easy to chat with friends while playing games. This device also comes with the customizable UI making it easy for the gamers to change the button mapping.

Sony PS5 Access Controller will be launched globally on December 6 this year.


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