Samsung to release Galaxy Home Mini in early 2020

Korean technology giant finally announced to release the much awaited Galaxy Home Mini in early 2020. Samsung first announced Galaxy Home Mini smart speakers in 2018 and planned to release in 2019. But it was not launched in 2019; finally Samsung is going to launch this smart speaker early this year.

Samsung already assured that they are working on the optimization of the device and the Home Mini smart speaker will be released in 2020.

Samsung disclosed launch plan of Galaxy Home Mini smart speakers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As per the information release during CES, the company is bringing Home Mini will be released early this year.

As of now the market for smart speakers are already saturated. Now Galaxy Home Mini will come early this year. We have to see what new features Galaxy Home Mini brings. Certainly Galaxy Home Mini will bring some great features.

Samsung is confident to have their own niche and offer with the Samsung ecosystem devices. The speaker will be able to connect all the smart home devices of the user. This speaker will connect the devices through SmartThings and will the central hub in smart home eco-system.

The design of Galaxy Home Mini is similar to the design of larger Galaxy Home and it comes in a rounded shape. According to the Samsung’s in for page, this speaker will use the Bixby voice assistant,  and use the ‘AKG sound technology’ for audio quality.

Samsung focuses on the consumer privacy and make sure that the user’s privacy does not go out from the device. Samsung new smart speakers will ensure that the privacy, data, does not leave the device and go out anywhere on the cloud.

Samsung will ensure to minimize the data sharing and maintain user’s privacy.

Samsung did not announce any specific date for the release of this device, but as per the company statement device will be released early this year.

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