Samsung introduced Quick Share Feature for Galaxy S20 Series smartphones

The mobile phone manufacturer Samsung, recently introduced Quick Share Feature which is similar to the Apple’s AirDrop. The company is going to release this first-party application alternative to the AirDrop to Galaxy S20 Series smartphones. The Quick Share application is part of the Samsung OneUI feature.

This is the first time that Samsung is releasing Apple’s AirDrop like feature of its upcoming Galaxy S20 Series smartphones. The team of XDA Developers has managed to get an APK for new OneUI. There they found the Apple’s AirDrop feature in the OneUI. So, it is almost confirmed that the company might bring Apple’s AirDrop like feature to Galaxy S20 Series and this feature will call Quick Share.

We have seen lots of rumors related to the hardware of upcoming Galaxy S20 series. Now this rumor is about the software feature of Galaxy S20 series. The team members of the XDA Developers reported to get a copy of the APK file where they found OneUI with Quick Share feature. According to them this feature is similar to Apple’s AirDrop and expected to come with Galaxy S20 series.

The Quick Share feature is expected to allow two Galaxy devices to share files among themselves. This feature is one of the most asked features of upcoming Galaxy S20 smartphones. This feature might come with the new version of OneUI at the time of the release of this smartphone.

According to the reports XDA Developers extracted the APK file from a source that has access to a Galaxy S20+ 5G phone. If this true, then we can say that Galaxy S20 series is coming with the support for file share between the devices.

It is also noted that this app is not present on any of the existing versions of OneUI, so this means that the said feature is part of the next version of the software release. The new OenUI will have support for quick file share just like Apple’s AirDrop.

The Quick Share comes with some basic settings and it allows the share files between your contacts or with everyone. This feature is similar to the Apple’s AirDrop application feature. This feature will really be an appreciated feature for Galaxy S20 Series smartphones.

It is also noted that Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi recently formed an alliance for enabling the cross-platform file transfer.

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