Samsung S20 Smartphone Model Accessories could be Delayed Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus is making major headlines across the world. And strangely enough, everything coming out of China is affected by the outbreak. Now, the latest news is that Samsung will be delaying the launch of its flagship smartphone’s accessories. These include important items like cases, covers, screen guards etc. It is expected that this delay will impact the overall sales from Samsung as many people might wait for the accessories to arrive. So, let us look at why this delay is causing problems in the market, how it will affect Samsung’s sales and when the new batch can be expected.

What Does the S20 Have to Offer?

The S20 smartphone is meant to be one of the most eagerly anticipated mobile phones of this year, The smartphone will offer 5G connections and a host of other key features. These are set to push the limits of what smartphones can do in 2020 and beyond. So, when the news of the delay hit market, you can expect many potential purchasers were disappointed. Now, as the shipments out of China are delayed, buyers are waiting for them to arrive. This is expected to cave into the sales Samsung can make.

How Does This Development Affect Samsung?

According to the latest reports, Samsung is all set to make an appearance at the MWC 2020. The Mobile World Congress is a global event where all the major brands in the smartphone industry will be present. Despite this minor setback. Samsung is not changing its event plans too much. It is expected that the company will proceed with its plans as it has stated before. So, for all intents and purposes, the event will not have any units pulled from Samsung’s exhibition.

How Does the Coronavirus Affect Samsung’s Devices Directly?

While the Coronavirus is only considered transmittable through tainted meat and in rare cases with direct human contact, authorities are not taking any chances. According to tech experts, the chips in the new Samsung S20 phones are stressed by the Coronavirus. However, there is no chance that the virus will be carried over in any of the products. Special measures are being used to ensure that the virus does not affect the S20 units in any way at all.

What Should You Do as a Samsung S20 Buyer?

In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, all China-related trades are being delayed. If a buyer wants to get the Samsung S20, then they are not likely to find its accessories easily. So, if they are particular about getting all the necessary accessories like cases, screen guards etc. then they might want to wait. On the other hand, the S20 will be available at a possible discount at pre-booking, so they can save some money if they go for that offer. It is expected that the accessories shipments will not be delayed more than a few weeks. So, customers can get them later as well.

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