Samsung launches Samsung OMN-D digital dual window display launched

Electronic giant Samsung launches Samsung OMN-D Series display that comes with dual display. The Samsung OMN-D digital contains display screens on the both side. The Samsung OMN-D digital display is designed for retailers to help them in maximizing messaging.

The window-facing screen is designed for featuring visuals and can be used to attract customers so that they enter the store.

The Samsung OMN-D digital display is designed to present bright content on a dual display in the stores.

Samsung designed OMN-D Series to feature a double-sided screen which can be adjusted based on utilization. There are two types of screens the window-facing side’s 3000 nit brightness and in-store side features 1000nit. The window-facing screen can maintain the brightness regardless of sunlight, so its good display screen for stores. The in-store side features 1000nit, which can be used for delivering better information to the customers.

According to Samsung this dual display is designed for the retailers to maximize the messaging. Company is targeting modern stores and specially designed the product for them.

According to the company press release the OMN-D series is compatible with any window layout and be adjusted easily. Company release said “The OMN-D series is compatible with any window layout and complements the style of any brand allowing them to synergise into various storefronts. It consumes a low amount of power, which allows businesses to reduce overall costs and optimise efficiency, considerably.”

Company designed this single unit to reduce the costs and increase the operational efficiency. This gives much flexibility as compared to the installation of two separate displays.

The Samsung OMN-D digital display is available in 46-inches and 55-inches sizes. The window-facing screen comes with 3,000 nit brightness and high contrast ratio of 5,000:1, which gives best clarity.

The Samsung OMN-D digital display is a smart display that comes with the flexibility use and it can be powered with one electric cord. Display comes with LAN connectivity and it can attach with the LAN. Remotely it can be accessed from using IP address to setup the display data or perform any other changes.

The Samsung OMN-D digital display features dust-proof IP5X-validation and three-step overheat protection which is good thing. It comes with embedded solution for streamlined content management.

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