All New Android Q: The Security and Privacy Features Are in Focus

After years of working on data security and privacy attributes of Android ecosystem Google finally came with the new Android 10 or Android Q Update, which is said to have the most advanced security and privacy features compared to any other previous Android versions. In more than one way Android Q has been a revolutionary update particularly for enhanced privacy and security.

Let us explain some of the most important security and privacy features and upgrades offered by Android Q.

Location Controls

The most important feature of Android Q regarding privacy is the new set of Location Controls. Any app asks for the location data of the users. Besides the importance of sharing location data for getting appropriate content, it has its security concerns as well. From now, the users can have better control for sharing location data to the apps. Thanks to Android Q users can now share, control or deny location information as it suits them.

User-centric Privacy

Android Q will also allow users to choose their own preferred privacy settings. Android users can now choose their preferred privacy controls. From giving apps permissions, allowing account activity data sharing to personal data sharing to privacy settings for in-app activities and browsers, Android Q offers a whole new way to customise privacy.

Greater Data Control

With Android Q Google is also providing users greater control to choose the duration and context of data storage. Apart from this enhanced control over the data storage options, Android Q will also provide users an array of third party tools to skip out retargeting ads. 

Frequent App Security Updates

Google with the Android Q also provided an array of important enhancements in terms of security updates. As of now, mobile app security updates used to take months before they were made available for the public. Obviously, this used to cause a lot of security vulnerabilities.  All new Android Q will deliver fresh security updates for the apps every once in a while.

Ultimate Privacy Solutions 

In several other ways Android Q is all set to revolutionise the privacy aspects for users.  Users can now get more complete and comprehensive solutions to their security and privacy concerns. When developing Android Q, the development team worked heavily to ensure optimum solutions to maintain privacy and security while nit missing on the customisation options. The ultimate thing that Android Q ensured is that the new privacy enhancements address all parts of the Android ecosystem and privacy settings. Starting way down from the user authentication to custom location data sharing to the choice of custom privacy controls, new Android Q takes care of every aspect.

Conclusion For most users the biggest value addition of Android Q is the comprehensive privacy and security settings. The way customization and security settings were put into the user context and Android device ecosystem is quite revolutionary, to say the least. Android Q really brought some paradigm shifting changes in terms of privacy and security settings.

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