Microsoft to bring Microsoft Edge browser for Linux operating System

Microsoft announced to bring Microsoft Edge browser for Linux operating system. Company made announcement about future availability of this browser last week at Microsoft Ignite conference. During a presentation in the conference, company showed a slide giving more details about Microsoft Edge browser which says that this browser will be available for all operating system including Linux.

Despite huge effort from Microsoft, the Microsoft Edge is still not popular browser on Windows operating system. Brining it on the Linux platform is a curios move by company. Recently Microsoft released new logo for Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft is trying hard to make Microsoft Edge a popular browser. Bringing Microsoft Edge to Linux can be next step in the same direction.

During Microsoft Ignite conference last week, Company announced a Microsoft project to make Edge browser a popular browser and rebase its popularity. Currently Edge browser is far behind Google’s open source project Chromium. Google’s Chrome browser is very popular and it is available for Windows as well as for MacOS, Android, and iOS. Microsoft is planning same and soon company is expected to release Microsoft Edge browser for multiple platforms.

Microsoft also promised for future Linux support during the Microsoft Ignite conference.

Interested users can download canary or beta version of new Edge browser for various operating systems from Microsoft Edge Insider. But still there is no build for Linux operating system. Company may soon release Linux build at Microsoft Edge Insider.

The beta version of Edge browser for Windows look much like Chrome browser and its performance is also very. We downloaded and tested for the windows version. The new Microsoft Edge browser might provide tight integration with the Azure authentication for work and then this feature will be very useful developer.

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