Motorola Just Released Moto Razr, A New Foldable Smartphone

Motorola has just released a breathtaking new foldable smartphone called Motorola Razr. It is the first of its kind foldable smartphone from the brand and a first major release after Lenovo took over the company. The phone with its initial look and feel looks more like the flip phone released by the company earlier. Though this time, it incorporated a completely foldable screen. The screen is now capable to fold just in half to boast of a traditional clamshell look.

Apart from allowing users to fold the phone screen in half, company for allowing exceptional ease and flexibility to the users, also provided a secondary screen on the front that can be easily looked at. This Quick View external display gave the device a lot more ease of use and flexibility. 

Let’s take a look at the key hardware features that make this phone exceptional and stand out from the rest. 

Twin Display

The phone comes with two distinct display screens. The main screen measures

6.2-inches and comes with 2142 x 876 pOLED display boasting an aspect ratio of  21:9. Dubbed by the company as FlexView display this is the primary display of the phone.

There is also a secondary display that users can access when the phone remains in folded state. The secondary display measuring 2.7-inch with 600×800 pixel count also offers a visually vivid and useful display. This display dubbed as the Quick View display can be used for capturing selfies, see notifications at a glance, accessing music playback and several other functions and features without opening the foldable device.


Motorola Razr is powered by Snapdragon 710 chipset. Though by the industry standard it is still behind other processors in the mobile device market, according to the company it is all equipped to deliver razor sharp and smooth performance. The phone is also unique by supporting just eSIM instead of the physical SIM cards. 

RAM and storage

The new Motorola Razr comes loaded with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. The device doesn’t support any expandable storage.

Rear Camera

Motorola Razr comes equipped with just one single 16 MP rear camera. When the device is folded the same camera also serves the purpose of selfie camera. The camera is equipped with F1.7 lens and double pixel autofocus.

Front Camera

On the front and above the main display of the folded phone there is one 5 MP selfie camera.

Price and Sales Information

The Moto Razr is declared to hit the market and become available for the US users from January 9, 2020. The device is priced at $1,499.99 for the US market which comes down to around Rs. 1,07,400 for the Indian customers. As far as the price is concerned, the phone is much more conveniently and affordably priced than the folded flagships from major brands. For example, the Galaxy Fold from Samsung is priced at $1,980 in US. Though the company has plans to launch the phone in the Indian market, as of now the details about the launch of the device in Indian market is not known.

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