Android 10 update rolling out for Xiaomi Mi A2

The latest Android 10 operating system update for Xiaomi Mi A2 is being rolled out after a long wait. Users of Xiaomi Mi A2 were waiting for this update for quite a long period. Now this update is available for Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone and users will be able to update their device to Android 10 operating system.

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the best and cheap Android based smartphone, which was released in November 2018. The Xiaomi Mi A2 was launched with pre-installed Android Pie Operating system. So, after over 2 years of release the company rolled out Android 10 operating system update for this smartphone.

According to the reports the Android 10 updates rolling in some regions and we are expecting fast availability of this update throughout the world. This update is steadily rolling out in more and more regions.

The new update of Android 10 operating system for Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with all the features of this operating system, including the gesture navigation, system-wide dark mode, enhanced privacy controls, etc. The Android 10 operating system update for Xiaomi Mi A2 will bring life to this mobile phone making it more productive.

In this update there are very minimal cosmetic changes and keeps all the features of the Android 10 operating system as it is. The new update will give clean experience to the cheapest Android One based smartphone.

The update size of Android 10 for Xiaomi Mi A2 is around 1.3GB and can be downloaded automatically by accepting the system upgrade in the phone. The user should update their phone in Wi-Fi network. You should connect your phone to a power supply during system upgrades.

The update is being rolled out in stages and it is available in a small region, but the update is expanding fast in other regions. The users are getting OTA notification on their device once the update is available.

The users of Xiaomi Mi A2 are advised to upgrade their phone with latest Android 10 updates to use the latest features of this operating on their phone.

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