Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S11 on February 11

The launch date of Samsung Galaxy S11 leaked in a promotional video; the company is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S11 on February 11. The promo video of the event is leaked online which clearly shows the release event date.

The leaked promo video is obtained by @MaxWinebach on Twitter and posted on the Twitter account.  During the release event on February 11,  we are expecting a range of phones to be reviled by Samsung.

The promo video posted on the Twitter account of @MaxWinebach clearly shows the event date. This event is going to be a branded Unpacked event for launching new Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone on February 11.

The short video clip of the promotional leaked doesn’t reveal anything about the specification of the device and any of its features. There is no information about the brand name as to what name will be given to the phone either S11 or S20.

This time also Samsung is going to live stream the whole product launch event, lover of Samsung smartphone will be able to see the event by tuning to stream channel. At the time of the event we will be able to know the complete details of the new smartphone.

There are many leaks about Galaxy S11, which hints the features of this phone. As per the previous leaks this phone is coming with a three camera setup on the back.

According to the various leaks, the Galaxy S11 is coming with an improved Optical Image Stabilization (OSI) for the rear camera.  This will enable the users of this phone to take better photos even in challenging conditions.

The Pro model of Samsung Galaxy S11 could be released by Samsung. Some leaks also show that there is a new battery for this Samsung Galaxy S11.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 could come with supersized battery, upgraded biometrics and leading new display screen. But the real details will be available at the time of the launch of this phone on February 11.

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